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Diocesan List: on Sept. 2, 2011, the Diocese of Springfield, MA, released a long-awaited list of credibly accused clergy:

Over time, we will incorporate this new information into our "List of Accused Clergy" below. As for the press release, from the start, it's weird. It is not about disclosure of misconduct, treatment plans, where to find these people, and so on.  It is mainly about the administrative arm of the diocese. I thought the point was to publish a list of credibly accused offenders. Instead, the first few paragraphs talk about how the process was supposed to work, instead of how it actually worked.

By referencing the “professional staff” and the “timely response” of said staff as of 2003, the article implies that that diocesan standards were high – without noting that the Misconduct Commission was judged a failure by most of the community, including the Catholic community, because it fell down on precisely these attributes of trust and professionalism. 

For confirmation, see the Springfield Republican articles in the time frame of 1992-2002 by Stephanie Barrie and Bill Zajac which detail a growing frustration on the part of victims to get their cases heard and judged fairly. The articles are archived at

To suggest that diocesan employees functioned as mandated reporters is especially galling. To this day I know of not one instance of a diocesan employee going directly to the police rather than confiding in church officials on Elliot St. In so acting they have upheld a system of iron-fisted ecclesiastical control familiar to older Catholics and brought forward by Bishop McDonnell.

The reference to "CORI checks every three years" does not explain the phenomenon of Al Blanchard and makes that breach in security appear all the worse. Nor does "timely" explain why officials are still diddling with the Wamsher, Devlin, Lavelle and Koonz cases, which are (or should be) ancient history. What is left to know, in order to take action?

Distinguishing administrative procedures from canonical ones does nothing to advance the argument. Again, this Diocesan action is supposed to be about disclosure and transparency, about redemption and forgiveness, and safety. It should be about removing the fog surrounding accusations, not about making the fog worse. 

The press release fails to note that whatever else one can say about canonical or administrative procedures, they remain secret. The results are not announced, nor are they published. Could this document not have done more to settle issues, instead of raising new questions? Instead, we're left with the queasy sense that even now, we don’t know if the Diocese of Springfield is trustworthy. There is no point of comparison and no way to check the facts.

Update About The Blanchard Affair

SNAP Western Massachusetts spokesman Peter Pollard issued the following clarification about the position of SNAP vis-a-vis the support group "Always Our Children" that Blanchard had joined without informing them of his past:

Please know that SNAP and the courageous woman who revealed Blanchard's past are fully supportive of the wonderful work Always Our Children does, and of the support the group has provided to countless families. And we applaud the Diocese for its support of the group. Our reluctance to in any way diminish the effectiveness of the group was one of the reasons that the survivor waited so long for the Diocese to act on its own to remove Blanchard from a position that lent him the stamp of approval of the Diocese in his work as a social worker, knowledgeable about families struggling with confusing sexual issues. 
 The survivor was informed in Sept. 2009, six months after reporting her concerns, that the Bishop had refused to release her from the confidentiality agreement, or to use information in the Dioceses' possession to join her in filing a complaint about his license, or to remove Blanchard from the post. Why the Diocese refused for 14 months to remove a man, who the Diocese clearly knew had a history of sexual violations, from a role working on sexual issues, remains one of the most disturbing aspects of this whole situation.
Our goal in revealing this information was about preserving the integrity and safety of All Our Children, not about doing it harm. Al Blanchard's choices and the Diocese's blatant disregard for its own policies are the source of any harm to the group. We hope the group remains strong in spite of this difficulty.


Update About The Mercure Verdict

Dave Canfield reported in The Record (Troy, NY), on Jan. 14, 2011, that Mercure, a Troy, NY, priest, will stand trial Jan. 31 on Massachusetts charges alleging he molested a pair of boys in the 1980s.

Mercure was suspended by the Albany diocese in January 2008.  The Diocese found reasonable cause that the priest had abused a child locally decades ago. He has been charged with similar crimes in Massachusetts. Although Mercure has been suspended from ministry by the Albany diocese, there appears to be no record of his laicization by the Vatican. According to the bylined article:

"Mercure, who spent time at Sacred Heart and St. William’s in Troy, was accused in 2008 of abusing children locally in the 1980s. Numerous victims came forward to tell their tales of alleged abuse, but no charges could be filed locally due to the statues of limitations on the applicable charges.

After he was charged in Massachusetts, he saw several delays in his trial date. According to the Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office, jury selection will begin Jan. 31. Mercure was first ordained in the mid-1970s. He spent much of his time at local churches, which also included Our Lady of the Assumption in Latham, Our Lady of Annunciation in Queensbury, St. Teresa of Avila in Albany and St. Mary's in Glens Falls."

Mercure's attorney for his prior court dates has been Michael O. Jennings of Springfield. It is likely that this is the same Michael O. Jennings who has defended Bishop Thomas Dupre on several occasions.

Rev. Gary Mercure was convicted on all counts and sentenced to 20 to 25 years in state prison.
For our posts on the aftermath of the verdict, see:

The Mercure Verdict
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 List of Accused Clergy
The following is a list of priests, deacons and sisters who served or lived in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts who have faced sexual abuse allegations while in the clerical state.

In the big picture, there have been slightly over 100 individuals who brought claims against around 60 individual priests and other employees, or the Diocese itself for negligence. These were the subject of litigation in the late 90's and early 00's. Eventually two large settlements were made, one in 2004 and one in 2008. These were not class-action suits, but rather consolidations of individual claims.

The average award for the 2004 settlement with 46 claimants was about $175,000, and the average award for the 2008 settlement with 59 claimants was about $75,000. These are far below national averages.  Bishops in the Commonwealth enjoy great leverage in court from two factors: the "charitable immunity" doctrine, which includes a $20,000 cap on damage awards, and our SOL (Statutes of Limitation) laws, which bar claims after a certain number of years. The current House bill 469 addresses both of these shortcomings. The bishop's lobbying arm (Massachusetts Catholic Conference, or MCC) has emerged as the chief opponent of the bill, though they have not made this known on their web site. For more, see this article by Marci Hamilton on House bill 469.

The 2008 settlement of 8.5 million dollars is covered in some detail here.

The settlement amounts are not easy to understand, not least because the insurance companies refused to reimburse the Diocese for an initial 7.75 million payout, causing a three-year court fight.  For a narrative summary of the True Cost of the Settlements, see this post.

Many of the names below are from the consolidated cases handled by Attorney John Stobierski in 2004 and 2008. The Dec. 3, 2008 press release is an important resource (K). Other names are from news accounts and other public documents. Information for each entry is keyed to a source list. Corrections and updates are welcomed.

This list is limited to the most relevant information. More information about individuals named here can be found by searching the database of archived news articles at: and other internet databases.

(x) defrocked
(+) deceased

Rev. Richard J. Ahearn, CSS, (+), multiple allegations, 1 settled 2008. According to two attorneys in 2002, six men have alleged that they were molested as boys by either the Revs. Richard J. Ahern or fellow Stigmatine Joseph E. Flood. The alleged abuse occurred in Springfield, Agawam, and in New Hampshire. Abuse claims were also made against Ahearn in Virginia. Ahearn was a longtime Springfield area priest and served in St. Anthony's and Sacred Heart (both in Agawam), St. Ann's (W. Springfield), and Mt. Carmel (Pittsfield). V. X.

Rev. Gerald Beauregard (+), 1 allegation settled 2008. K. L.

Monsignor John J. Bonzagni, 1 allegation settled 2004. Bonzagni denied the woman's allegations and counter-sued. The claim and counter-claim were both settled in 2004. Bonzagni remains in ministry and was made a Monsignor in 2006. A. K.

Rev. Paul T. Boudreau, 1 allegation settled 2004; reported to have "abandoned priesthood" and said to be living in Florida as of 2004. Boudreau was ordained in 1955 and served in Easthampton, Springfield, Westfield, and Pittsfield (St. Therese). Boudreau has denied the allegation. A. W.

Rev. Andre Corbin (+), 1 allegation settled in 2004; 2 allegations from North Carolina, one of which resulted in a guilty plea to molestation charges in 1989 and a 5-year sentence. He was accused of sexual abusing a minor at Holy Name (Springfield) while filling in as a replacement priest during the 1960s; the lawsuit led to the 2004 settlement. He died in a house fire in Palmer, MA in 2008. A. Z. AA.

Rev. Aaron J. Cote, Dominican. Multiple allegations elsewhere, one lawsuit here. An attorney for an alleged victim stated in 2007 that there were ‘‘10 different reports of sexual misconduct and abuse” against Cote from people in 10 different parishes in six states over 20 years.
In April, '08, a Springfield-area family filed a lawsuit in New York City where the Dominicans have a provincial office, alleging that Cote molested two local preschool boys in 2003. Cote graduated from Holyoke Catholic High School, according to the diocese, and served in parishes in South Hadley and Westfield on a visiting basis during the 1990s. In 2009 he was convicted of abuse and sentenced to 10 years probation. R. S.

Rev. Donald A. Desilets (+), 1 allegation settled 2004, 1 settled 2008. Allegations date from the '70s. Desilets served at Assumption Church in Chicopee, at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Springfield from 1971 to 1972 and at St. Louis de France Church in West Springfield from 1972 to 1975. He went to Precious Blood in 1975. Removed from full-time ministry by recommendation of Misconduct Commission after allegations. BB. C.

Rev. Paul Desilets, Clerics of Saint Viator (CSV). A Springfield native, and ordained in Springfield in 1963, he was accused of hundreds of incidents of child sexual molestation dating from the 1970s and 1980s while serving at Assumption Church in Bellingham, according to three suits filed in Suffolk Superior Court. A lawyer and an investigator involved in the suits said none of those complaints involved Western Massachusetts.
Desilets also served at the former Precious Blood Church in Holyoke and as a Mercy Hospital chaplain in 1969. Desilets' last known location was a nursing home in Rigaud, Quebec. K. N. CC.

Rev. Michael H. Devlin, 2 allegations, one settled 2008. The incidents are said to have taken place in the 1970s while Devlin was stationed at St. Thomas' Parish in West Springfield and All Soul's Parish in Springfield. Removed from ministry in December of 2004. He also served at St. Patrick's in Williamstown and Providence Place in Springfield.
On Feb. 2, 2005, the following item appeared in the newsletter of the archdiocese of Miami: "FOR YOUR INFORMATION - The Reverend Michael H. Devlin (Diocese of Springfield) does not enjoy the faculties of the Archdiocese of Miami. Please contact Msgr. Souckar should he present himself to serve in your parish." On May 26, 2010, a post on the internet was signed by "Fr. Michael Devlin, Oakland Park, FL." B. O.

Rev. Frederick Dion (+), 1 allegation settled 2008. K. L.

Rev. Andrew Dodo, visiting priest from Nigeria, was serving as a supply priest in the Diocese, living at Our Lady of Hope Rectory and working at Baystate Medical Center when he was accused of sexual misconduct by an adult. The allegation was unrelated to his work at the Center. He was placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. VV.

Rev. Eugene Dranka (MS) (+), 2 allegations settled 2004. Dranka, a native of Three Rivers and a member of the LaSallette Order, served in parishes in Westfield, Palmer, and Bondsville as well as LaSallette settings in Texas and New Hampshire. He died at age 66 in 1974. A. W.

Rev. Donald V. Dube (+), 1 allegation settled 2004. Dube was removed from parish ministry by the Diocese in the mid-1990s while at Notre Dame in Easthampton because of credible allegations of sexual abuse. His estate was sued after his death in 2003. The alleged incidents took place at Notre Dame in North Adams. A. DD.

Most Rev. Thomas Dupre, 3 allegations settled 2008. Dupre was confronted with allegations of abuse on Feb. 10, 2004 and resigned the next day. He lived for the next several years at a treatment facility in Maryland. Two claims filed in 2004 were related to his service at Springfield-area parishes in the 1970s. Those claimants received payments (including a personal payment from Dupre) after the 2008 negotiation, according to the Diocese. A third claim (to which Dupre did not contribute) was settled by the Diocese in 2008. Dupre was sued for negligence in May, 2010 over his supervision of former Rev. Richard Lavigne by a Michigan man. K. EE. FF. II. XX.

Rev. David Farland, 1 allegation settled. After allegations in the early 90's, Farland was removed from parish work, sent for counseling and placed in "limited ministry" as Springfield Fire Dept. chaplin for the next 10 years. Members of the Fire Dept. were not told of the allegations. In 2002, he was secretly removed from all ministry. In 2006, after an inquiry from the Springfield Republican, the Diocese confirmed his removal from all ministry 4 years earlier. His present whereabouts are unknown. He is reportedly a candidate for laicization. Q. JJ. KK.

Rev. Joseph E. Flood (CSS) (+). According to two attorneys in 2002, six men have alleged that they were molested as boys by either the Revs. Richard J. Ahern or fellow Stigmatine Joseph E. Flood. The  abuse is alleged to have occurred in Springfield (provincial house), Agawam (St. Anthony's), or New Hampshire. Ahearn also served at Sacred Heart in Agawam. V.

Rev. Joseph Clarence W. Forand (+), 1 allegation settled 2004. The diocese acknowledged that a credible accusation was made against Forand. A. L. HH.

Brother Lawrence Gauthier, 1 allegation 2002. A man filed a lawsuit against Gauthier for abuse stemming from Gauthiers's work as groundskeeper at Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary in Lenox during 1969-72. The suit alleged that between 7 and 10 other children were abused. The suit targeted both the Diocese of Springfield and the religious order, the Priests of the Sacred Heart. As of 2002, Gauthier was retired but still a member of the order, living in Wisconsin. SS. TT.

Alfred Graves (x), 1 allegation settled 2004, 1 settled 2008. Graves was removed from ministry because of credible accusations of sexual abuse, according to diocesan officials. He has since been defrocked (announced on Dec. 2, 2006). More allegations against Graves were made in 2009 by a Williamstown man who sued Graves' supervisors for negligence. The suit lodges charges of neglect against Bishop Joseph Maguire, who was head of the Diocese at the time of the alleged abuse; the Most Rev. Thomas L. Dupre, Maguire’s successor who was chancellor and third in command at the time; and Monsignor Richard S. Sneizyk, who was vicar for priests.

Rev. E. Karl Huller (+), 2 allegations settled 2004. Huller, former athletic director and superintendent of schools, was accused of sexually abusing Cathedral High School students during the 1960s in lawsuits filed against the diocese. A. L. N. II.

Rev. J. (Joseph) Roy Jenness (+), 1 allegation settled in 2004, 3 settled 2008. Jenness was accused of joining other priests in sexually abusing minors in the period 1967-83 in lawsuits filed against the diocese. As early as the 1950s, Jenness was implicated in a Worcester Diocese report on group sexual abuse in Manchester, NH. A. L. K. J.

Rev. Vernon Kelly, 1 allegation settled 2008. K.

Edward M. Kennedy (x), 1 allegation settled 2004, 1 settled 2008. Kennedy was removed from parish ministry in the 1990s. Upon removal from parish ministry he was sent to graduate school, earned a degree in canon law, and served in the chancery on the marriage tribunal and as a substitute priest in parishes for many years. When the Dallas norms were mandated, he was removed from all ministry because of credible accusations of sexual abuse, according to diocesan officials. Kennedy has since been defrocked (announced on Dec. 2, 2006). A. J. K. II. NN.

Rev. John A. Koonz, 3 allegations settled 2004, 1 settled 2008. Koonz was removed from ministry because of credible accusations of sexual abuse, according to diocesan officials. Three men came forward in Sept. of 2002 to allege that Koonz abused them at separate times when they were teenagers. He is reportedly a candidate for laicization. A. O. JJ. UU.

Rev. Paul LaFlamme, 1 allegation, 2003. A housekeeper became pregnant after encounters with LaFlamme. The pregnancy reportedly ended in a stillbirth. LaFlamme was temporarily suspended after he admitted to the encounters. D. OO.

Leo Landry (x), former Stigmatine (CSS), 1 allegation settled 2008. An Easthampton man accused Landry of abusing him as a minor at St. Anthony's Church in Agawam and elsewhere. He also served at St. Ann's in West Springfield and Mt. Carmel in Pittsfield.
Landry admitted in a sworn statement to New Hampshire law enforcement officials in 2003 that he abused at least a half-dozen children while serving in the Springfield diocese. He pleaded guilty in August, 2004 to criminal sexual abuse charges in Norfolk County (MA). He was sentenced to life probation and was a registered sex offender in Colorado as of June, 2004. K. O. T.

Rev. Francis P. Lavelle, 3 allegations settled 2004, 2 settled 2008. An assistant to two bishops and pastor of a Longmeadow church, he was removed from all ministry because of credible accusations of sexual abuse, according to diocesan officials. He is reportedly a candidate for laicization. A. O. II. JJ.

Richard R. Lavigne (x), 17 allegations settled 1994 (lead attorney Wiggins); 1 allegation settled 1996 (Joseph Croteau); 24 allegations settled 2004; 7 allegations settled 2008; defrocked in Dec. 2003. Lavigne is listed as a Level III sex offender (high risk) on the website of the Chicopee Police Dept. In 2010, a civil lawsuit was filed against two supervisors of Lavigne (Bishop Maguire and Bishop Dupre) by a Michigan man accusing them of negligence in connection with alleged abuse at St. Francis Church of North Adams in 1976-77. A. XX.

Monsignor Timothy L. Leary (+), 2 allegations. Leary was accused of abuse in a lawsuit against Lavelle, and also accused separately. Both claims were settled in 2008. O. K. L.

Ronald Malboeuf (x), 2 allegations in 1988, defrocked in 1989; two allegations settled 2004. Reportedly living in Florida. A. GG.

Rev. Gary LaMontagne, 1 allegation 1992. LaMontague was a curate at St. Mary's Church in Westfield when he pleaded guilty to a charge of indecent assault.  He was sentenced to three years of probation and counseling in 1992. M. RR.

Rev. Mr. James Martone (deacon), 1 allegation made in 2004 for incidents beginning in 1991. Martone was removed from all ministry in 2005. He served at Sacred Heart (Agawam), St. Louis de France, Immaculate Conception, and Our Lady of Hope parishes. P. PP.

Rev. Thomas McCarthy, 1 allegation settled 2008. K.

Rev. John McNamara, 1 allegation settled 2008. K.

Richard F. Meehan (x), 2 allegations settled 2004, 2 settled 2008. The one-time director of vocations for the diocese was removed from parish ministry in '90s; he then served in chancery offices for many years. Removed from all ministry in 2002 because of credible accusations of sexual abuse, according to diocesan officials. Meehan has since been defrocked (announced on June 8, 2006). A. I. K. II.

Rev. ____ Menge, 1 allegation settled 2008. K.

Rev. Thomas O'Connor (+), 1 allegation settled 2008. A plaintiff said he was abused 1952-53, at St. Patrick's parish in Monson. K. LL.

Rev. Thomas F. O'Malley (+), 1 allegation settled 2004. O'Malley served in parishes in Palmer's Thorndike section, Shelburne Falls, Holyoke, Springfield, Worcester and North Adams. O'Malley, a Clinton native, was ordained in 1930 and died at age 84 in 1985. A. L. W.

Rev. George Paulin, Burlington (VT) Diocese, 1 allegation settled 2003, 1 settled 2004, 1 settled 2007, 1 settled in 2008. The allegations in the 2003 settlement included charges that former priest Richard Lavigne transported a North Adams youth to Paulin's residence in Vermont. K. U.

Edward O. Paquette, Jr. (x), serial offender in the dioceses of Fall River, MA, Fort Wayne-South Bend, IN, and Burlington, VT. He currently resides on Belleview Dr., Westfield, MA, with no supervision. There have been two multi-million dollar jury awards in Vermont after trials concerning his conduct, with more pending. The pending suits were largely bundled together and settled in early 2010. Paquette was laicized by the Vatican on Jan. 31, 2009, and the announcement was made in early May, 2009. H. WW.

Rev. Leo T. Riley (+), (CSS). Riley, a Stigmatine order priest, was accused of molesting a student over a four-year period while teaching at Elm Bank seminary in Wellesley. He was subsequently transferred. His last assignment was rector of the St. Anthony mission in Agawam. V.

Rev. Michael Sabotor, 1 allegation settled 2008. K.

Rev. John Scanlon, 1 allegation settled 2008. K.

Rev. John J. Szantry. He was ordained as a Marian of the Immaculate Conception (MIC) and spent time in Stockbridge before becoming incardinated into the Worcester Diocese in 1980. Father Szantyr is allegedly a repeat sexual offender with victims in more than one diocese. He was indicted for abuse in the Worcester Diocese for incidents in the 1980s. QQ.

Rev. Ronald E. Wamsher, 1 allegation received in 2002, 3 settled 2008. Removed from all ministry in 2002 and placed on leave in 2004. At the time of his removal, Wamsher was a legal aide to the diocesan tribunal that rules on marriage annulments. He is reportedly a candidate for laicization. G. K. P. JJ.

Rev. David Welch (+), 1 allegation settled 2004, 2 settled 2008. Welch was the editor of the Catholic Observer for many years and served as the executor of Bishop Christopher Weldon's estate. A. E. L. K.

Mary Jane Vidnansky (x), 1 allegation. Vidnansky belonged to the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph when she taught at Mater Dolorosa School in Holyoke. The order has stated she is no longer a member. She was sued for abuse dating from the mid-'70s in Dec. 2004.
The lawsuit was the second known legal action against a woman religious in the diocese. Accusations against two other sisters had been brought to the Diocesan Review Board by mid-2003. One case against a Sister of Providence was among cases included in the 2004 settlement. LL. MM.

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(+) deceased:

Rev. Richard J. Ahearn, CSS
Rev. Gerald Beauregard
Rev. Andre Corbin
Rev. Donald A. Desilets
Rev. Frederick Dion
Rev. Eugene Dranka, MS
Rev. Donald Dube
Rev. Joseph E. Flood, CSS
Rev. J.W. Clarence Forand
Rev. E. Karl Huller
Rev. J. (Joseph) Roy Jenness
Msgr. Timothy L. Leary
Rev. Thomas J. O'Connor
Rev. Thomas F. O'Malley
Rev. Leo T. Riley, CSS
Msgr. David Welch

(x) defrocked:

Alfred Graves
Edward M. Kennedy
Leo Landry
Richard Lavigne
Ronald Malboeuf
Richard Meehan
Edward O. Paquette, Jr.
Mary Jane Vidnansky

"Dallas Norms" mandated removal from ministry after 2002:

Rev. John Koonz
Edward Kennedy
Richard Lavigne
Richard Meehan
Alfred Graves
Rev. David Farland
Rev. Ronald Wamsher
Rev. Francis Lavelle
Rev. Mr. James Martone


Springfield 8.5 Settlement